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    Job Openings

    I seek a partner. A Sonny to my Cher. A Thelma to my Louise. A Fawks to my Dumbledore. A — ahem — Coffee to my Chocolate.

    I am looking for someone with similar taste in Harry Potter fanfiction to supplement the recs here, potentially someone with a greater interest in Trio Era fic and the younger generation to compliment my preference for MWPP and their era, though it is not a requirement. Your taste should, however, be slanted very firmly in the same direction as the other recs on this site, especially toward canon pairings (though a few departures for outstanding non-canon pairings are acceptable; I am a closet Remus/Sirius fan myself). The candidate should also be a fan of the general fic, the oneshot, and the character piece. Obsessive slash readers need not apply, if only because there’s plenty of that to be found in other places and I’m trying to keep this recs site styled toward readers — like myself — who are not as interested in slash. It’s acceptable in small doses, but at least 75% of your recs should be general in nature.

    The applying individual should be a naturally and perhaps compulsively avid reader of Harry Potter fanfiction across the fandom and across genres, with flags in all the major archives and Livejournal communities, and will likely already have scads of excellent fics bookmarked across the web. We’re talking about providing a rec every second day, so it’s best if you already spend mounds of time reading fic, because that kind of time can’t be scrounged from an already full schedule. You should also have and be willing to set aside around an hour a week to write and submit the recs to this site.

    You should have a firm grasp and appreciation of fiction in general, and a keen understanding and instict as to what good writing is. People with a talent or background in English, World Literature or Comparative Literature at a college or University level are likely to be more strongly considered. Obviously, a thorough and complete knowledge of all seven Harry Potter books is required; obsessive-compulsive canon-Nazis are highly encouraged. You will have well-rounded critical strengths, and be able to comment on plot, theme, structure, style, character, format, word choice, and other relevant literary features. Strong beta-readers and editors are excellent candidates.

    Age is not a discriminating factor, but as experience and knowledge come with age it is unlikely individuals under the age of 19 will be seriously considered unless their submissions blow me away.

    You should have strong writing skills, particularly in the area of summary and critique as is the format of the recs provided on this site. All applicants are required to submit at least five recs in the Coffee and Chocolate format (complete with links) to the Webmaster as application. These five recommended fics should show off the wide range of fiction you enjoy reading, your ability to pick appropriate recs, and your ability to assume the “Why You Should Care & Why You Might Not Care” style. The recommendations here are not written in a completely formal manner, and so should you likewise allow your personality and humor come out in your recs; there is no need to remain stoic or academic. I highly encourage the “Bringing of the Funny”, but any chatspeak should be avoided like the plague.

    Interested applicants are invited to submit their rec examples to afterthree, the Coffee and Chocolate Webmaster, along with a brief (no more than 200 words) sales pitch that sells me on your personality, your ability, and why you think you’d be any good at this. This partnership will remain open until filled, and could potentially expand into a threefold partnership if two exemplary candidates are found.

    posted by afterthree
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