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    Tagged with "Humour"


    November 27th, 2007

    Kiss and Tell

    Kiss and Tell by Lady Bracknell

    Summary: For all his supposed genius, Sirius Black had always had rather a blind spot for the patently obvious. 6,658 Words.

    Why You Should Care: Mostly ’cause I haven’t rec’d Lady Bracknell in a while, though anyone who’s clever can see just about anything she writes is fantastic and won’t have waited for me to suggest it to devour everything she’s got. Once again, she brings us a great little story that both fits into her broader universe, but stands alone so well it’s practically a oneshot. She’s always on form with her favorite characters, and she’s better than most at the comic set up. Go, with my blessings.

    Why You Might Not Care: Lady Bracknell has rated this R for Adult Themes, but there’s nothing here you haven’t seen on daytime TV. It’s perfectly work safe, so far as I’m concerned.

    posted by afterthree
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    November 22nd, 2007


    Wallflower by DrArchie

    Summary: It takes Ginny three weeks to speak to Harry again after the Battle of Hogwarts. Oneshot, 1,384 Words.

    Why You Should Care: After the war, Ginny and Harry’s reunion can’t have been easy – emotions flying everywhere like house-elves on Butterbeer, and this fic really captures that. It’s gently humourous, but there’s a lot of truth in here about what it must have been like for Ginny after the second war, how she might’ve coped, and it’s wonderfully human – showing the ridiculousness of desperation. Although it’s light-hearted, this fic moved something within me.

    Why You Might Not Care: It’s Harry/Ginny, it’s post-war and it’s both angsty and funny. If any of those put you off, maybe skip this one.

    posted by winglessflight
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    November 16th, 2007

    The Mary Sue Alphabet

    The Mary Sue Alphabet by Irony-Chan

    Summary: “A’s for Amanda/Our hero’s twin sister/Got lost as a baby and/Gosh, how he missed her…” Oneshot, 1,429 Words.

    Why You Should Care: It’s spot on, this fic, absolutely spot on in its portrayel of the phenomenon that is the Mary Sue. It’s inspired, truly, and hats off to this girl for faultness rhythm and rhyme (something I cannot achieve at all). It’s not a parody or a commentary, it’s something a little bit different. ‘V’ is my favourite.

    Why You Might Not Care: If you’ve been known to write the occasional Sue and don’t know how to laugh at yourself, steer well clear.

    Notes: Apologies that this is late – my Internet was playing around, and then I had to go. Pesky school.

    posted by winglessflight
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    November 9th, 2007

    Bad News

    Bad News by Penknife

    Summary: It’s one piece of bad news Harry hadn’t been expecting. Humour, 475 Words.

    Why You Should Care: This is short, sweet, and funny, and I can’t believe I never thought about this before because you know this is exactly what the Goblins would do. Exactly.  JKR would think it was brilliant.

    Why You Might Not Care: It’s pointless, really.  Just an amusing little drabble written to make you laugh.  But sometimes, that is the point.

    posted by afterthree
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    November 4th, 2007

    Newton Knows Best

    Newton Knows Best by EntirelyToo

    Summary: Lily and James learn Newton’s Laws of Motion first hand. One Book in Motion tends to prevent two Objects Not in Motion from snogging in the stairwell… Humour, 16,628 Words.

    Why You Should Care: Anyone who’s been to a Physics lesson will find themselves howling with laughter at this fic: it’s monumentally brilliant. This is the kind of plot bunny that appears at two in the morning in conversations with friends, and it takes a writer like EntirelyToo to pull it off with this much humour. It’s fluffy, funny, random in a good way (as opposed to a ‘why the hell?!’ way) and original. With huffy!Lily and teasing!James, you’ll never see Physics the same way again.

    Why You Might Not Care: Pure fluff lies here. Nothing angsty. Nothing tear-jerking. If you don’t like to laugh, don’t look this way. (But do reconsider. Laughter is the best medicine, after all.)

    posted by winglessflight
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    November 2nd, 2007

    The Firewhiskey Incident

    The Firewhiskey Incident by Lady Bracknell

    Summary: In a lot of ways, it was Joni Mitchell’s fault. In some ways, it was Sirius’. The Firewhiskey had a bit to do with it, Remus admitted, but when it came down to it, really, he had no-one to blame but himself. Humour, 6,738 Words.

    Why You Should Care: Another classic Lady Bracknell fic.  This one is fantastically funny, and the set up is gold.  It’s adult Marauders at their highest (or lowest, depending on your point of view) and, while plot-wise it perhaps lacks a certain — shall we say — thematic punch, in the end the goal is to amuse and Lady Bracknell delivers.  This slides seamlessly along side the other works in her universe quite well, but this talented author never makes her previous stories required reading, and this stands alone quite splendidly.  Fans of Lady Bracknell will delight in the throw-away references, and those just jumping in will hardly realize they’re missing anything.

    Why You Might Not Care: Oh, for goodness sake why wouldn’t you read it?  There’s drunken hijinks and even hints of Remus/Sirius depending on how you take the wink at the end for those who like that kind of thing.  It’s Lady Bracknell, doing what she does best.  What’s not to like?

    posted by afterthree
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    October 27th, 2007

    Wild Things

    Wild Things by Lady Balin

    Summary: Lily encounters Padfoot, Wormtail, Moony, and Prongs in their animal forms. Hilarity, romance, and possibly some illicit groping ensue. Humour, 8,329 Words.

    Why You Should Care: This is another one of those ideas that had never before occurred to me, but now seems so bloody obvious.  As the summary indicates, there is a twitch of romance, definitely some groping, and a heaping spoonful of hilarity.  I chuckled — I chuckled particularly hard at Peter’s chapter.  Very enjoyable situational comedy.

    Why You Might Not Care: When you stop and really think about it, the plot is a little contrived, but such is all stuff worthy of situational comedy — it relies on one-in-a-million chances, strange coincidences, and having the absolute worst possible thing happen at exactly the moment you wouldn’t want it to happen.  The predictable nature is part of what makes it funny — don’t look too deep, that will just ruin it.

    posted by afterthree
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    October 22nd, 2007

    How To Write A Love Letter

    How To Write A Love Letter by BlueBottleButterfly

    Summary: James writes his first love letter. Well, he tries, anyway. One shot, 2,123 Words.

    Why You Should Care: I’m a total sucker for this type of fic: silly and a bit mad, and just a bit of fun. This fic is a nice antidote to anything deep, meaningful or philosophical. Sirius and James are just teenage boys, hanging out, having a laugh, thinking about girls and themselves. There’s nothing intellectual about this fic. There’s nothing heart-stopping, or moving, or eye-opening. It’s just fun.

    Why You Might Not Care: This characterisation of Sirius is a little cliched, and, as I mentioned, there’s nothing here for someone who wants a really meaty fic. Everything about this is light-hearted. Enjoy.

    posted by winglessflight
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    October 20th, 2007

    The Diggory Papers

    The Diggory Papers by MachiavelliJr

    Summary: Cedric Diggory was nobody’s hero, nobody’s true love and didn’t die in Little Hangleton. GoF and beyond in the words of Cedric Diggory, coward, cheat and lecher. Work in Progess, 48,836 Words.

    Why You Should Care: There are lots of humourous fics. Some of them are even funny, with cute quips, and romantic entanglements and slapstick moments. But this fic is different. This fic is witty, it’s an educated kind of humour, a very British type of satire. The concept is wonderful: a truly teenage Cedric Diggory, lechorous, debauched, mind only ever on One Thing. It’s immediately obvious, as is the case, that this was written by a real teenage boy who went to a real public boarding school. Outstanding, noteworthy.

    Why You Might Not Care: You’ve got to want to read this fic, because the structuring is such that there are lots of long chunks of text and the laugh-out-loud hilarity hidden within. But seriously, if you like British humour, other humour, new characterisations or just damn good fic, take a look.

    posted by winglessflight
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    October 13th, 2007

    The Adventures of Icarus, the Invisible Poltergeist

    The Adventures of Icarus, the Invisible Poltergeist by After The Rain

    Summary: In which Mr. Prongs takes Muggle Studies, Mr. Padfoot has a crush on Professor McGonagall, Miss Evans demonstrates where her son inherited his CAPS LOCK tendencies, Mr. Wormtail discovers that his Animagus form is useful for petty theft, and Mr. Moony explains why none of this can possibly be construed as his fault. Oneshot, Humour, 7,610 Words.

    Why You Should Care: This is a fantastically funny little Marauders adventure that doesn’t pretend to have any larger plot or point.  It’s something Remus and Sirius might have reminisced about one of those long nights at Grimmauld Place over glasses of gin and a comfortably crackling fire.  Molly would have padded downstairs at three in the morning looking harassed and demanded to know what could possibly have been so uproariously funny that they had to wake the entire house at such a ridiculous hour thankyouverymuch, and Sirius would have tossed back a fresh glass of liquor with a defiant smirk while Remus lowered his eyes and guiltily apologized while stifling an excess of chuckles.  I love Remus’ tone as the one telling the story, one of a slightly-too-pompous sounding sixteen-year-old, and each of the Marauders is nicely characterized.  The Muggle Studies class and the misconceptions about Muggles and Muggle technology by pureblood wizards is gold —  pure, JKR worthy gold.  Completely entertaining.

    Why You Might Not Care: I dare say there isn’t anything remotely worth putting in this section.  This fic is 100% delightful.  Have at it, with my blessing.  I’m going to go read it again.

    posted by afterthree
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    October 10th, 2007

    Final Draft

    Final Draft by Koonelli

    Summary: Here, read this speech. I went through a lot of pains to get it. It belongs to a certain best man, who read it at a certain wedding. Oneshot, 1,958 Words.

    Why You Should Care: I love this. It’s the sweetest, funniest, most adorable Best Man speech I ever heard. It’s very light and gentle, and has a great deal of humour. On top of all this, Koonelli produces a few memorable dramatic moments that give the reader a bit of food for thought: a welcome addition to this otherwise lightweight piece.

    Why You Might Not Care: Okay, I tried to claim that it isn’t, but truly, this is just a little bit of fluff with Lily and James and Sirius being all adoring and having a laugh and being all Marauder-y because it’s their last chance, damnit! So read it and reflect that this is what JKR killed off.

    posted by winglessflight
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    September 24th, 2007

    A Summer in Ottery St Catchpole

    A Summer in Ottery St Catchpole by Ashley Donnan

    Summary: Everyone in the village knew the Weasleys and their backward kids. Thankfully, they all went to some ‘special’ school up north during the year, so the only time she had to put up with them was during the summer holidays. One-shot, 1,317 words.

    Why You Should Care: This fic is wonderful, that’s why. It’s told from the point of view of a Muggle living in Ottery St. Catchpole. Although it’s by no means action-packed, Ashley Donnan absolutely hits the nail on the head of how this character would be feeling. It’s also brimful of wonderful Britishness – it’s marvellous. Being British myself, of course, I end up reading this and thinking ‘My, my, she’s watching Eastenders in the middle of the day. It must be Sunday’, but even if you aren’t that anal a Brit-picker, this fic is still incredibly funny and incredibly real. Every teenage girl in the world either is Nathalie, or knows Nathalie. Just…just read it.

    Why You Might Not Care: Yes, I know, nothing happens. Yes, I know, it’s a dreaded OC. Yes, I know, it’s the strangest fic you’ll read. Yes, yes, yes. Your complaints are unimportant. Read it.

    posted by winglessflight
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    September 9th, 2007

    25 Stories Penknife Never Wrote About the Marauders

    25 Stories Penknife Never Wrote About the Marauders by Penknife

    Summary: In which Penknife successfully avoids signing up to write 100 stories about the Marauders, and merely sums up instead. All prompts taken from the fanfic100 table. Humor, Drabble Collection, 1,284 Words.

    Why You Should Care: Penknife not only pokes fun at the Marauder genre fiction in this one, but at her own fiction as well.  Remus/Sirius are most particularly highlighted in this little parody, and the concept of fanfic100 is also made canon fodder by in this good-natured comedy of cliches.

    Why You Might Not Care: If you’re not a parody person, or dislike slash so much you can’t even read about it when it’s being mocked.  This is like a little commentary on a Remu/Sirius fic you can’t remember the name of but are sure you read.

    posted by afterthree
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    September 4th, 2007

    Disaster: See Also, Remus J. Lupin, Lovelife Of

    Disaster: See Also, Remus J. Lupin, Lovelife Of by Lady Bracknell

    Summary: Remus claims that his lovelife has always been a disaster. He’s had vases thrown at him, made girls cry in public and done very reckless things in broom cupboards. Assorted Romance, Novel Length, 91,052 Words.

    Why You Should Care: HaHA! Anything that starts out with Remus getting dumped via a passed note in the library has got to be promising. This follows the ups, downs, tos, fros, and constant trending toward complete misadventure that is Remus Lupin’s interaction with women. From his very first girlfriend through to meeting Tonks with whom he will finally take the plunge, Remus almost never plays the maudlin, noble hero we’ve come to expect of his fanon counterpart. Rather, he’s right in there looking for love, but somehow managing to get swept up in all the wrong ways with all the wrong girls more often then not. It’s delightful, and very real. This is slanted toward humor, though in moments it is as much an apt character study of Remus as any shorter, introspective oneshot might have been. All of the original characters have been created with care, and none of them slip sideways into Mary Sueism, which is a phenomenal feat all on its own. Thoroughly, completely enjoyable.

    Why You Might Not Care: If you’re in this only for the eventual Remus/Tonks, then you might be a little disappointed at how little of their relationship this fic gets into. This is about the (very lengthy and often bumpy) road of one man looking for love, and how there is rarely just one person for any of us. This is the journey Remus takes to Tonks, and the fiction rightly ends when they have finally stumbled into each other.

    Awards: 2008 Hourglass Award, Best Het Romance — First Place; September 2007 Gold Star Award for Excellence in Harry Potter Fanfiction.

    Thanks To: Christina, for suggesting this most excellent author.

    posted by afterthree
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    August 31st, 2007

    Lamentations of a Starry Eyed Twit

    Lamentations of a Starry Eyed Twit by She’s a Star

    Summary: Auriga Sinistra’s not so eventful diary filled with sarcasm, self pity, and assorted proclamations of loathing for a certain Potions professor. Novel Length, Humour, 96,620 Words.

    Why You Should Care: Because this author has created some pretty priceless situational comedy, and a wholly wonderful comedic character in Auriga Sinistra. As I’ve read through this, I have never ceased to be delighted by the hijinks and tomfoolery of the Hogwarts staff, both canon and original. Sinistra is the magical version of Bridget Jones, and while Snape might not be quite the equivalent of Mr. Darcy, the combination does make for some interesting and highly entertaining anecdotal material. Sinistra is well created and incurably ridiculous in that way most people are, and all females that have struggled with their own doomed love-lives will feel a certain kinship with her. Snape by and large remains canon, though the central conceit of this piece is that he might possibly harbor some hidden affection for Sinistra, though perhaps quite against his will. Their verbal sparring is worth the price of admission, and while Auriga occasionally comes out on top, by and large she fumbles in the face of Snape’s superior cutting wit and is reduced to something awkwardly akin to “…so’s your face!” I have stolen more quotes from this fic for my notebook collection than any other fanfiction, and that’s got to count for something.

    Why You Might Not Care:  It’s still a work in progress, and until quite recently I thought it to be abandoned, though Deathly Hallows seems to have spurned the author to write a new chapter or two.  This fic occasionally tries to be something more meaningful than a humourous escapade, and those tend to be its weakest moments; this fic is at its best when Sinistra is throwing coffee mugs at Snape and purchasing Quirrell’s iguana collars for the staff Christmas gift exchange.  Snape is both completely Snape and… completely  not.  Sometimes the switches are a little too jarring, but if you’re not there for the comedy, then you’re not there for the right reasons.  This author’s strength is very clearly the setting up and writing of the funny.

    posted by afterthree
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    August 21st, 2007

    A Sorting Song by Severus

    A Sorting Song by Severus by TextualSphinx

    Summary: Who but Severus would write a song that insults every house but his own in polysyllabic rhyming couplets? If Rowling were in her grave, she’d be spinning… Parody, 1,458 Words.

    Why You Should Care: Oh. My. God. Why am I not surprised by the idea that Snape might possibly be a Gilbert and Sullivan fan? Oh dear. But the funny! Anything that uses the base “Modern Major General” has got to be worth a read, and the idea that Slytherin isn’t always short-handed in the sorting songs is delightful.

    Why You Might Not Care: There is only parody and funny here, and if you grant the premiss (be sure to read the note at the beginning of this for optimal enjoyment) then you will not be disappointed. Sure to delight Pirates of Penzance fans. This is silly, and sometimes that alone is a good enough reason for being.

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    August 19th, 2007

    The Shoebox Project

    The Shoebox Project by Dorkorific and LadyJaida

    NOTE: The Shoebox Project LJ community has been hacked. The link that purportedly points to a “new” archive actually points to a keystroke-logging virus. Until the community has been restored, I’ve pointed the link to a place where you can download Shoebox chapters in PDF format.

    Summary: A multi-media Remus/Sirius extravaganze, with plenty of James, Lily and Peter thrown in to make things extra-fun. Novel Length, Probably over 100,000 Words.

    Why You Should Care: This is… this is the Remus/Sirius fanfic, people. There is no other better, no other more in depth, and no other that is more realistic. If it was canon, this is how it would have been. Dorkorific and LadyJaida never forget that these are teenagers in the 70s to whom the idea of homosexuality is not an entirely comfortable one, and the coming together of Remus and Sirius is achingly slow; at some places, they almost move backwards. But every section of this fic is so fantastically well written — like a huge collection of smaller stories that link together — that it probably wouldn’t matter if Remus and Sirius never figured it out, because there are plenty of other reasons to stay and read this. It is romantic, completely comical, but 100% real and I adore it. The characters are all fantastically written, and each has their own distinctive personality (which is often a difficult thing to find in Marauder fics) and I love it. Love, love, love it. There are notes between friends, diary entires, and dozens of fantastically drawn “photos” of the golden age of the Marauders. I love it.

    Why You Might Not Care: It’s addictive. When you start, it’s very difficult not to stop. It’s also still a work in progress, and sometimes there are significant lags in between updates. But it the end it is all worth it, because this is easily one of the top five Marauder fics I have ever read. If you are one of the very, very few people who hasn’t already found this, make some time and get over there and read it for God sakes, in case the internet collapses in on itself and The Shoebox Project disappears forever. Go. NOW.

    Awards: 2007 Hourglass Award, Best Overall — First Place.

    posted by afterthree
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    August 15th, 2007

    From the Desk of James F. Potter

    From the Desk of James F. Potter by Xylodemon

    Summary: James writes his resume, and Sirius helps… or rather, doesn’t help at all. Oneshot, 650 Words.

    Why You Should Care: It’s funny as heck, that’s why. Everyone normal hates writing a resume, and it turns out wizards are no different. James and Sirius are in top-notch form, and the friendly insults and British slang runs rampant. Highly enjoyable. It brings the banter effectively.

    Why You Might Not Care: There is not point except the funny. If that’s not your cup of tea, wrong story.

    posted by afterthree
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    August 11th, 2007

    Harry Potter and the Polka Dot Plague

    Harry Potter and the Polka Dot Plague by Marina Frants

    Summary: Harry Potter discovers why polka dots are evil. Severus Snape discovers why it’s a bad idea to forge your medical records. Lucius Malfoy discovers why you shouldn’t give surprise gifts to your boss. Oneshot, 18,966 Words.

    Why You Should Care: This is the last of Marina Frants’ Harry Potter fics, and it’s one of those that manages to be entirely too funny while at the same time being almost — but not quite — entirely in character. This takes place sometime after Goblet of Fire and has been made AU by virtue of Order of the Phoenix being published, but it’s still a thoroughly entertaining read. Frants creates the only wizarding illness I’ve ever come across, and manages to make it sound completely canon, which is quite a feat. The interplay between Snape and Harry is some version of canon, though I suspect both — and Snape in particular — have been slightly exaggerated and stretched so as to keep this piece humorous to the end. And it is. Quite funny.

    Why You Might Not Care: As I said, Snape’s character is just slightly off, but I feel it’s an acceptable failing since it has been done to serve the funny. Imagine if the Harry Potter series had been written as a sitcom instead of a drama, and this is what Snape would have been. It’s all a little contrived, but Frants thinks it through and writes it all so convincingly that you end up forgetting it by the end. I wish JKR would make the Skittles canon, so that we can all use it.

    posted by afterthree
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    August 9th, 2007

    For the Good of Wizard-Kind

    For the Good of Wizard-Kind by Gunderpants

    Summary: Remus Lupin submits a letter to the editor. Most don’t get the point. Humour, 1,358 Words.

    Why You Should Care: This is a brilliant little piece of commentary on two things we are all familiar with: letters to the editor of a newspaper, and stupid people. This fic has both in droves, and I’m sure every one of you who ever reads a local paper has seen something like this; an innocent political statement drenched in sarcasm is published, and hundreds of people just don’t get it, take it seriously, and thus erupts insanity. Funny, because it’s so very true.

    Why You Might Not Care: This is less about the characters or Harry Potter, and more an open shot at stupid people everywhere who don’t get sarcasm but who love to write letters anyway. If that’s you, you might be offended, but I’d say read it anyway. You might figure out why everyone is always rolling their eyes and laughing at you.

    posted by afterthree
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