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    Tagged with "Angst"


    November 8th, 2007

    Black Widow

    Black Widow by Victoria P

    Summary: She stared at herself for a long moment, wondering when she’d become a ghost in her own home. Oneshot, 1,317 Words.

    Why You Should Care: A little moment in the life of a women who birthed an heir who defected to Gryffindor and a spare who died before any of her hopes for him could have been turned into realities, this fic is wonderfully delicate. I’m a sucker for symbolism, and Victoria P uses the image of personal preparation (clothing, make-up, greeting the audience) as this incredible symbol for the situation the Black Family find themselves in. A nice cameo from a very neatly canon Bella, and a couple of other Blacks along the way, and it’s nice to see that Regulus’ death is worth a real affair and not, as so many fics think, no recognition at all.

    Why You Might Not Care: Although characterisations are nice, this fic is very irritatingly not canon-friendly — either the Black Family Tree hadn’t come out or Victoria P hadn’t read it, but for whatever reason you’ve got Cassiopeia as Sirius’ mother and other Blacks never mentioned in canon, which vexes me greatly. But if you can move on from that, this fic’s crammed with tender motherhood in a family bound by tradition.

    posted by winglessflight
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    October 16th, 2007

    Above Reproach

    Above Reproach by AnotherDreamer

    Summary: Helga. Godric. Rowena. Salazar. The Founder’s Four. They had fought together in the Dragon Wars. Destroyed the kingdom the Muggles had established. Then they decided to start a school, and started to fight one another. Things had been unraveling ever since. Oneshot, 4,366 Words.

    Why You Should Care: It seems that I have been reccing a great deal of oneshots recently, and this is why. This fic is everything a oneshot ought to be: it develops character, and yet has plot. It sets the mood, and yet does not ramble. It’s to the point, and yet not jarring. It’s now the only way I’ll see the Founders characterised. It’s brilliant.

    Why You Might Not Care: This is quite a different characterisation of the Founders and takes some getting used to. Also, there’s something of a hole where light-heartedness has been sucked out. Yet the regal quality of this fic resounds. Lovely.

    Awards: 2008 Hourglass Award, Best Gen Fic — First Place

    posted by winglessflight
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    October 9th, 2007

    Silent Night

    Silent Night by Xylodemon

    Summary: The rain won’t stop, and they haven’t seen Potter in seventeen days. Oneshot, 1,463 Words.

    Why You Should Care: A bleak picture of what might have happened, written prior to the release of Deathly Hallows, using McGonagall as a lens through which each moment is experienced. It is both angsty and not — I doubt if Minerva has ever been the sort of girl to allow emotional release, and Xylodemon expertly uses this chosen character to create delicious tension. The picture this fic paints is of the mundane, animalistic day-to-day desperation of surviving, like rats under the floorboards. The choices of what to say and what to leave unsaid have been made cleverly, and the language is disarmingly simple. Beautiful.

    Why You Might Not Care: This fic will leave you with a suggestion of tension and hopelessness: it is not a shiny happy story. But it is good, and it works its way into your head.

    posted by afterthree
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    October 8th, 2007

    One Bowl of Kisses

    One Bowl of Kisses by Victoria P

    Summary: Remus kisses him, a tender thing, all soft breath and chapped lips. Oneshot, 1,134 words.

    Why You Should Care: It’s adorable! It’s Remus/Sirius and it’s fluffy with a little bit of angst and it’s so damned cute! I just want to gather this fic up in my arms and hug it, because it’s so damned lovely. The style’s nice too: Victoria P uses lots of different little twists of literary devices so that each mini-section feels fresh and individual, and yet it’s wonderfully cohesive. Ah. It’s just so wonderful.

    Why You Might Not Care: Look away now if you don’t like slash. This is a bit of Remus/Sirius slash and if you don’t like it then there’s really nothing here for you at all. But if you can bear slash, this fic is perfection.

    posted by winglessflight
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    October 6th, 2007


    California by Q

    Summary: She likes to smoke while she watches the sunset from the hill overlooking the Forbidden Forest. Oneshot, 717 words.

    Why You Should Care: I have something of a bias here, because Lily/Sirius is my OTP, but truly, you don’t even need to ship it to love the delicacies of this fic. It’s all about the dialogue, all about what isn’t said. What I find truly interesting is, what they are saying appears to be pretty open: a lot of fics have them saying very bland things that mean a great deal, while here they open up, but their true meanings are still hidden. It’s so clever, I call it a real find.

    Why You Might Not Care: Most people aren’t into Lily/Sirius, but unless you’re a virulent hater, this shouldn’t put you off. Although it’s a oneshot, I still reckon this fic could do with a little padding out; some of the beauty is lost merely by constrains of length. It’s not perfect, but it’s a diamond in the rough.

    posted by winglessflight
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    September 30th, 2007


    Solace by SecretLily

    Summary: Lily Evans remained shadowed and distant from the world she loved so dearly. Control was Michael’s weakness; temptation hers. Yet, when James Potter enters her life, without so much as a warning or brief hesitation, Lily finds truth. For James Potter refused to give up on her. Work In Progress, 23,613 words.

    Why You Should Care: This fic isn’t unique in its subject matter. There are dozens of fics where Lily’s dating a guy who totally doesn’t deserve her and treats her badly. But they don’t do this well. What I love about this fic is its subtlety. This fic doesn’t go straight in with domestic violence, but plays on the surface of emotional possession, meaning that (unusally, for this genre) Lily isn’t OOC: she’s soft and passionate and interesting, and SecretLily manages to show her as a supressed character, a masterstroke in my book. Not only that, but stylistically this fic is beautiful and captures moments with soft, unexpected imagery.

    Why You Might Not Care: It’s true. This is another fic where Lily’s dating a total arsehole. And it’s incredibly angsty; I reckon this fic could do with a bit of humour to lighten the tone, but the characterization alone should be enough of a draw to read it.

    posted by winglessflight
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    September 26th, 2007


    Need by CherryChalk

    Summary: He hates it. He wants it. And maybe, deep down, he’s accepted that he needs her too. Drabble, 326 words.

    Why You Should Care: Okay, I’m going to admit, this is an incest fic. But it’s a damned good incest fic which, within less than five hundred words, perfectly depicts the characters of Sirius and Bellatrix, as well as beautifully probing at the sin, the lust, the danger that incest is. It’s tense, it’s frightening — it’s intensely passionate, terrifyingly so. Trust me, this fic will turn your views on incest upside down.

    Why You Might Not Care: If you don’t like incest. Basically. But read it anyway — everyone should. It’s fabulous.

    posted by winglessflight
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    September 20th, 2007

    Little Paper Stars

    Little Paper Stars by EntirelyToo

    Summary: The seventh had been the carefree action of opening the door to see who was knocking… Drabble, 782 words.

    Why You Should Care: Lots of people write Luna, and lots of people write Luna like this, winsome and angsty and odd, but no-one’s done it quite like EntirelyToo manages to do here. This fic, for me, is the absolute epitome of that old writing idiom ‘show, don’t tell’. The writer shies away from the temptation to just say what’s happening in Luna’s head, and instead leaves us to puzzle it out on our own. On top of all that, this fic has a wonderfully chilling touch about exactly what Tom Riddle does to people, which feels very in tune with canon.

    Why You Might Not Care: It’s very angsty, and quite wordy in places, and there’s a point a couple of paragraphs in when you might start thinking ‘enough already!’. And I suppose you might not like it if you’re not a Luna fan. Though, after the OotP film, who isn’t?

    posted by winglessflight
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    September 15th, 2007

    Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

    Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow by Lilith Morgana

    Summary: Last time, things were different. Oneshot, 2,700 Words.

    Why You Should Care: Even Lord Voldemort’s highest ranking lieutenants experience the war, and this is a portrait of the Malfoy family and their fall from grace during the second war as told through Narcissa’s POV. It is too easy to forget sometimes that even the villains have something to lose, and sometimes are that much closer to losing it. There is still love amongst the lowest of us, and while the likes of Voldemort — and maybe even Bellatrix — are beyond it, the Malfoys are not. Dark moments in the life of a dark family as the Malfoys do what they do best — survive and escape.

    Why You Might Not Care: This will be best for people who like the darker characters, and who don’t eternally hate the Malfoys for weaseling their way out of trouble again. Let’s face it folks, if Lucius Malfoy tortured puppies in front of five-year-olds twirling an old-fashioned villain’s moustache, he’d somehow find a way to buy himself out of it. Again.

    Awards: 2008 Hourglass Award, Best Drama — Second Place

    posted by afterthree
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    August 28th, 2007

    The Man Who Lived

    The Man Who Lived by Beth H.

    Summary: You haven’t slept in days. Oneshot, 3,501 Words.

    Why You Should Care: Second-person POV is not an easy task to undertake, and none but the bravest of writers (fanfiction or otherwise) venture that way. Beth gives it a go, and does surprisingly well in capturing Snape’s voice and creating a compelling second-person perspective. This is an AU piece, and doesn’t pretend to be anything else, but it is an interesting portrait of Snape none-the-less.

    Why You Might Not Care: Second-person isn’t for everyone, and if you don’t fancy stepping into Snape’s head this probably isn’t a great fic for you. The AU might keep some people away, also, but to each their own.

    posted by afterthree
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    August 25th, 2007

    Home is the Place Where

    Home is the Place Where by Kyra Cullinan

    Summary: Petunia and Harry at the end of the world. Oneshot, 1,151 Words.

    Why You Should Care: There is so much bitterness here. The depth of absolute loss, of hopelessness in triumph, and the knowing that not even the face of complete destruction is enough to heal old wounds aches in nearly every word. Petunia is all angles, unable not to cut after years of sharpening herself for it, and Harry is a hero who never wanted to be and hates a world that made him so. They share a moment of understanding in deep tragedy, but no more. Richly sad.

    Why You Might Not Care: Some stories do not have — cannot have — happy endings. We’d like to see Harry glory and move on and lead a quiet, happy life, but some heroes are not destined for that end and — perhaps — Harry just might be one of them. Terribly sad, and for some maybe too sad.

    Awards: 2008 Hourglass Award, Admins’ — AU

    posted by afterthree
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    August 24th, 2007


    Grasp by Laura Smith

    Summary: The dead don’t dream. Drabble, 509 Words.

    Why You Should Care: The thought that Sirius might be trapped forever in a purgatory such as this breaks my heart a little, because I feel he has earned his rest and not the pain of being this flimsy, half-formed ghost. It’s unclear whether or not the people Sirius spies upon are real or ghosts of souls themselves, but I think that is as Smith intended. The language is sweeping, like the wind-blown folds of the cloaks of Dementors, and there is the tang of restlessness throughout. The observation that “Arthur is not made for heroism, but he stands there as he always did” is just… wow. It made the hairs on the back of my neck tingle in that way only amazing prose can.

    Why You Might Not Care: This is touched (slightly more than only vaguely) with Remus/Sirius slash connotations, but it compliments the piece nicely rather than takes away from it. It is a softer angst, but angst never-the-less, and herein there are no happy endings.

    posted by afterthree
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    July 31st, 2007

    Nothing But Vain Fantasy

    Nothing But Vain Fantasy by Bec

    Summary: Less than a week after she knew she was pregnant, knew with a bone-deep certainty that tolled and reverberated in her head like big brass-bellied church bells, Lily had the dream. Angst, Drabble, 915 Words.

    Why You Should Care: This is on the surface a story about Lily, but touches on the more general theme of the terror and uncertainty of impending motherhood and the dichotomy of emotions it brings with it. Lily flits between joy and fear, bouncing off her shameful thoughts and then back into them. The phrasing and rich language is poetic and intensely visual, and while some of the punctuation choices are a little odd, everything flows smoothly around the jagged edges. Where other characters appear (James and Remus) the observations made about them are particularly apt.

    Why You Might Not Care: This is full of imagery, and feels part real and part dream, which I expect was the intent going in. The metaphors are exquisite, but occasionally thick, and the subject matter is at times a little dark for people who have never considered pregnancy thusly. Fairly angsty… sort of.

    posted by afterthree
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    July 30th, 2007


    Not by Elektra3

    Summary: If something’s just too horrible to contemplate, the mind will refuse to contemplate it. Angst. Drabble, 461 Words.

    Why You Should Care: This is heart-wrenching. I don’t know why I usually feel the need to chase a light-hearted fic with pure angst, but here I go again. This is morbid, and horrible, and terrible, but it’s supposed to be and so it’s done its job well if you fall apart a little inside. I found myself falling into step with Ron, refusing to see it or believe it, reaching for some other explanation; and while this fic makes my stomach roll, I appreciate that it was done so deliberately. I hate this fic, and love it because I hate it so much.

    Why You Might Not Care: This is hardcore, evocative angst, and even though it’s brief it’s almost too difficult to read. Ron/Hermione shippers will have their hearts shattered, and everyone else’s will surely crack and break in two.

    posted by afterthree
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    July 9th, 2007

    Precious Things

    Precious Things by Paperchain

    Summary: Honorable Mention in the Phoenix Rising “A Phoenix Moment” Fan Fiction Contest. Dorcas Meadowes faces Voldemort. Oneshot, 1,492 Words.

    Why You Should Care: If you remember the details of canon at all, you’ll already know the end to this one, and so it becomes all about the journey. It is both hopeless yet hopeful, and right to the end we are reminded that — just as there will always be true villains — there will always be heroes willing to stand in their way. Dorcas Meadowes is no hero of old, here, but just an ordinary person trying to do what’s right even when they know they can’t win. This story is far more general than it looks at first glance. Inspiring.

    Why You Might Not Care: Beware angst ahead, and one of those endings that tries to be as uplifting as it can without being a happy ending. The characters here aren’t really the point, just the means for the message.

    posted by afterthree
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    July 4th, 2007

    The Two-Step of Death

    The Two-Step of Death by Lady Game

    Summary: In the end, they all dance to the music of two words and a flash of green light. These are the stories of the last ten victims of Lord Voldemort. Drabbles, 1,348 Words.

    Why You Should Care: This is a great series of ten interconnected drabbles about the last people to stand in Voldemort’s way. Each is a slightly different tone, but all are pulled around a central theme and idea. A good drabble is like a good poem, and Lady Game hits the mark each time. The extra pleasure comes from the way she connects them, like stanzas.

    Why You Might Not Care: Here there be traditional 100 Word Drabbles, ladies and gentlemen. If you’d prefer to sink your teeth into a good long novel-length rec, then you’ll finish this wanting more. For those of you who appreciate the fine art of the Drabble, this is the icing on the cake, and they leave you satisfied, if also a little depressed. Here lies angst; abandon fluff, all ye who enter here.

    Awards: 2007 Hourglass Award, Drabble or Drabble Collection – First Place; 2007 Round One Quill To Parchment Award – Judge’s Favorite.

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    July 2nd, 2007

    The Abyss Gazes Also

    The Abyss Gazes Also by TangleofThorns

    Summary: You build your own Azkaban, and you let yourself out. Angst. Oneshot, 7,924 Words

    Why You Should Care: This is an amazing piece. There is a phenomenal use of language throughout this fiction, and an inspired approach to character that I can’t praise enough. These are people pushed to the very edge of their reach and reason. It is by turns heartbreaking, staggering, thought-provoking, and chilling. If you have ever had difficulty wrapping your head around the reality that Azkaban creates, this story is where you will find it. Truly brilliant.

    Why You Might Not Care: This is not a fluffy shiny happy story. This is angst in its purest, most revealing form. But it is brilliant, and you should read it. Right now.

    Awards: August 2007 Gold Star Award for Excellence in Harry Potter Fanfiction; 2008 Hourglass Award, Admins’ Choice — Angst (tied)

    posted by afterthree
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    June 16th, 2007

    To Live Nobly

    To Live Nobly by Vea

    Summary: It doesn’t feel like he’s living. In a world ruled by the Dark Lord, he’s miserable, but not because of the government. A chance meeting wakes him up, but there’s something familiar about her that he can’t quite put his finger on… AU, Oneshot, 6,394 Words.

    Why You Should Care: This is a really fantastic bit of writing and a brilliant AU fic. I don’t want to say too much about it because it’s really much better if you discover what’s happening as you read it, but suffice it to say that it’s heart-breaking. Everything about it is just excellent in that pitch-perfect sad kind of way.

    Why You Might Not Care: If you don’t like reading something that plunks you into the middle with no information and slowly offers you tidbits as you discover what is happening and what has gone on, then don’t go here. But you really should, it’s so very good.

    Awards: 2007 Hourglass Award, Angst – First Place.

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    June 12th, 2007

    Blood Speaks

    Blood Speaks by Northlight

    Summary: “Your parents, you have been told, are heroes.” Neville Longbottom reflects. Oneshot, 1,122 Words.

    Why You Should Care: A brief, no-holds barred, angsty character piece on Neville and his parents, told in second person. It takes guts to write in second person, but Northlight takes on the task with aplomb. In fact, the POV only helps make the piece even more emotionally moving. It’s very real; there’s no sugar coating.

    Why You Might Not Care: Those who dislike angst should probably read something else. Brief though it may be, it’s powerfully written; not quite poetic, but not entirely standard prose either. Here lies cold, hard truth about Neville and his parents in St. Mungos.

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