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    Tagged with "Trio Era"


    October 31st, 2007

    Look Back In Anger

    Look Back In Anger by Magnetic Pole

    Summary: “Minerva McGonagall, naturally, said everything that the portraits in the headmaster’s office had left unspoken.” Drabble, 590 Words.

    Why You Should Care: What might the other professors’ reactions have been to learning that Snape would be their new Headmaster?  Magnetic Pole does a most excellent job crafting this difficult scene, and Snape’s internal monologue meshes with his dialogue and actions well.  Snape was a servant to two very accomplished and manipulative masters, two kings of Machiavellian principles, and he learned his art very well indeed.

    Why You Might Not Care: This is actually the third part of a serial intending to have ten pieces.  I believe there are currently six finished, but reading through them I found they are of varying quality.  Read them all if you like, but I find Snape’s character a little unsteady through the six parts, and a couple of the pieces in comparison seem as though they were written by an entirely different — and somewhat less talented — author.  Each section stands alone quite well, however, so I’ve opted to rec only the ones I felt are of the highest quality.

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    October 30th, 2007


    Remembered by Alyx Bradford

    Summary: Narcissa tends to her dead after the war. Oneshot, 1,242 Words.

    Why You Should Care: War is not kind to either side, and the followers of Voldemort have suffered losses, too.  It is customary to forget that every fallen soldier — no matter whom they fought for — is survived by people who will mourn their passing, and Narcissa feels the death of her sister acutely.  This fic is a small reminder that, in some ways, there are no right or wrong sides in war — only the winners who’s dead are heroes and martyrs, and the losers, who’s dead are villains and traitors.  Narcissa knows that, if not for a few twists of fate — some of which she directly influenced — things might have turned out quite different.

    Why You Might Not Care: Some people don’t like to remember the dark people are still people in the end, and it is easier to remember Bellatrix Lestrange as a murder and torturer than a sister.  If you balk at feeling sympathy for the Black sisters that stayed the course, then Narcissa’s grief will seem very indecent indeed.

    posted by afterthree
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    October 28th, 2007


    Protean by The Wailing Owl

    Summary: Snape had, like water, shaped himself to fit what surrounded him. Drabble, 100 Words.

    Why You Should Care: I’m not always a huge Snape fan: I often find him seriously OOC in fics, but this one is perfect. In exactly 100 words this author alludes to every event that’s shaped Severus’ character, everything that’s tossed and turned him, everything that’s affected him. The author uses half-quotes, and short sentences, and manages to include so much without feeling rushed. There’s more than a novel’s worth of emotion within those 100 words. Genius.

    Why You Might Not Care: If you can’t stand canon or fanon Snape, you’d best stay away, there’s a lot of the former and a little of the latter in this fic. Additionally, if you don’t believe in the power of drabbles and reckon that 100 well-organised words aren’t a patch on a novel-length fic, closely depicting each feeling, then this one certainly isn’t for you. But really, this is a pretty incredible achievement, and checking it out’s hardly going to take much time.

    posted by winglessflight
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    October 25th, 2007

    And This, My Lovely Child, Is Your Garden

    And This, My Lovely Child, Is Your Garden by Honey Wheeler

    Summary: Bill and Fleur and the evolution of a family. Oneshot, 2,400 Words.

    Why You Should Care: There is something so marvelously soft and real about this fic — nothing is exaggerated, but nothing is under-whelming either. Fleur, for all her veela mystic, is as much a normal woman, wife and mother as anyone else, and what permeates this fic more than anything is an expanding feeling of peace and love surrounding a growing family. Touched with equal parts trepidation and joy, something about the language of this fic delights me though I’m not sure exactly why. There is a moment of reflection about George that made me sigh and say ‘yes, that’s exactly right’.

    Why You Might Not Care: I’m not sure how crazy you are about Fleur. I mean, I’m not. I don’t dislike her per se, but she’s not up at the top of my list. Yet I think the idea of Fleur fascinates me more than anything, and something about the delicate, aristocratic, superficial-seeming Fleur coupled with the earthen, hands-on, down-on-their-luck Weasleys makes for a usually delightful read.

    posted by afterthree
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    October 24th, 2007


    Clockwork by Xylodemon

    Summary: “If she asked, Dumbledore would tell her that was what they were fighting for; a normal life. If Dumbledore asked her, she’d say she thought it was incredibly unfair that Harry was expected to fight for something he’d never had himself.” Molly reflects on her husband, her children, and the war. Oneshot, 1,913 Words.

    Why You Should Care: This fic is a fitting tribute to Molly Weasley, the mother of many. As she waits for Arthur to come home, her thoughts are drawn to the current climate of war in the wizarding world, and how her family’s role in it has become so much more precarious than it was in the last one, and why. In examining the vulnerability of her children — each of which is on the front lines in some way or another — and her surrogate, Molly can be, perhaps, forgiven for the sins of a mother trying to do only what instinct has trained her to do. She is already in the middle of facing the emptying of her nest in another, more natural way as each of her children has grown up or is growing up and shifting away from her, and coupled with the climate of war she reflexively wants to do the same as any mother would — draw them all back to her again.

    Why You Might Not Care: This is pure introspect, and it doesn’t pretend to be anything else. It isn’t angst, though it would have been a fairly easy topic to push that way, but I feel these more thoughtful, quiet moments do Molly better than angst would have anyway. The feeling of repetition — like Molly’s nightly vigil — is more accented with the muted tone, as if she has thought these thoughts every night since the war started, and they are as much a part of this routine as the cup of tea and the afghan.

    posted by afterthree
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    October 23rd, 2007


    Nicknames by Helena McKennon

    Summary: Remus Lupin doesn’t like calling her Tonks. Oneshot, 1,978 Words.

    Why You Should Care: Oh, the things we let the people we have crushes on get away with! This little fanfic is a wonderfully nostalgic and delightfully flirtatious interlude between Remus and Tonks, and also a consideration of the meaning of the names we are given versus the names we adopt for ourselves. Sweet, and not so fluffy that you gag.

    Why You Might Not Care: Like many character pieces, this is a conversation between two people that has been lifted out and highlighted. It does not, perhaps, dig as deep as such character oneshots should, but I find fluffy things rarely do. I enjoyed it none-the-less, and any Remus/Tonks fan will too.

    posted by afterthree
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    October 21st, 2007

    Benedictio Amicorum

    Benedictio Amicorum by Mosylu

    Summary: Just after the climax of GoF, Ron and Hermione ask Dumbledore for something–anything–to protect their friend. Oneshot, 2,159 Words.

    Why You Should Care: This is a simple, brief story about the friendship and love that will eventually help get Harry through three years of war, and see him come out the other side as hero instead of a martyr.  The characters are all well done, and the prose slides seamlessly into JKR’s canon, style and theme.

    Why You Might Not Care: We don’t learn anything new or breathtakingly interesting.  It’s a quiet moment and a heartfelt moment, but it’s quite transparent and predictable.  Having said that, it’s a nice little testament to the trio’s friendship and to Dumbledore’s ability to provide some peace of mind in the most frustrating of circumstances.

    posted by afterthree
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    October 20th, 2007

    The Diggory Papers

    The Diggory Papers by MachiavelliJr

    Summary: Cedric Diggory was nobody’s hero, nobody’s true love and didn’t die in Little Hangleton. GoF and beyond in the words of Cedric Diggory, coward, cheat and lecher. Work in Progess, 48,836 Words.

    Why You Should Care: There are lots of humourous fics. Some of them are even funny, with cute quips, and romantic entanglements and slapstick moments. But this fic is different. This fic is witty, it’s an educated kind of humour, a very British type of satire. The concept is wonderful: a truly teenage Cedric Diggory, lechorous, debauched, mind only ever on One Thing. It’s immediately obvious, as is the case, that this was written by a real teenage boy who went to a real public boarding school. Outstanding, noteworthy.

    Why You Might Not Care: You’ve got to want to read this fic, because the structuring is such that there are lots of long chunks of text and the laugh-out-loud hilarity hidden within. But seriously, if you like British humour, other humour, new characterisations or just damn good fic, take a look.

    posted by winglessflight
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    October 19th, 2007

    In Your Room

    In Your Room by Lady Bracknell

    Summary: Remus can’t say he anticipated this reaction to him being outed as a werewolf and splashed all over the front of the newspaper, but he can’t say he doesn’t like it. Drabble, 724 Words.

    Why You Should Care: It’s a brief, warm peak into Remus’ head; what one person often considers the end of the world, the other thinks of only as a passing and unremarkable aside. Sweet, passing anxiety.  There is sex, but it’s the work-safe sort (if you know what I mean).

    Why You Might Not Care: It’s very short, but it seems somehow exactly the right length.  In not elaborating and waxing on about the issue, Lady Bracknell actually helps make Tonks’ point.  I suppose if you’re underage then you shouldn’t read it, but the sex here is certainly no worse than you’d see on daytime TV or in movies — I wouldn’t worry about it.

    posted by afterthree
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    October 18th, 2007


    Rubbish by She’s A Star

    Summary: Rita Skeeter’s first article on the Triwizard Tournament leaves Ron distressed, Hermione bewildered, and both of them particularly inclined to bicker. Oneshot, 3,073 Words.

    Why You Should Care: It’s a very rare thing to find a writer who can write a decent Ron, and an even rarer thing to find one whose Trio counterparts are also decent. Ron in this fic is adorable: all his insecurities laid bare, his nuances, his mannerisms. This author really knows her character, she’s really gotten to grips with what makes him tick and it makes for a very satisfying read. Particularly impressive for having been pre-DH.

    Why You Might Not Care: There’s a lot of Ron in this fic, and I know he annoys many. On top of that, it’s a little short for how much it has to say, and I would’ve liked a little more development of Harry and Hermione. But wonderfilly canon-friendly and…just wonderful, really.

    Thanks to: Sara (insanguinare), for pointing this one out to me. *waves*!

    posted by winglessflight
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    October 17th, 2007

    Sin of Lycaos

    Sin of Lycaos by D.M.P.

    Summary: Often in life, situations occur that are entirely out of one’s control. During the Goblet of Fire, Remus Lupin commits a crime that leads to questions he had never encountered before. Was this incident fate or poor judgment? How can he live with the consequences of his actions? Is there a way can he escape the prejudiced wrath of the Ministry? He must struggle to discover an answer because, for the very first time he finds himself branded a criminal… and a father. Novel Length, 142,670 Words.

    Why You Should Care: This was written a very long time ago, back when GoF was the most recent canon and all we knew of Remus was what we’d been given in PoA. This is a masterful and very original look at what the life of a werewolf might have been like, and what Remus’ life in particular might have been like outside of teaching at Hogwarts. It’s filled with delightfully canon and original characters, including a sweet and endearing young girl named Mary. This has quite obviously been made AU by virtue of the release of the rest of the series and it’s been quite a long time since I’ve read it, but it still stands as one of my favorites. Sure to interest Remus fans and novel-length fic fans.

    Why You Might Not Care: Remus is almost the only canon character in this one folks, and a lot of people will be turned away by the large cast of main and supporting original characters, but I feel all of them have been expertly created by a very talented author, and those who stick it out will be rewarded with a worthwhile and very original story.

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    October 15th, 2007

    Five Women Who Hate Fleur Delacour

    Five Women Who Hate Fleur Delacour by Snegurochka Lee

    Summary: She was beautiful, intelligent, talented, successful — and not very nice about it. Clearly, other women must hate her. Oneshot, 7,300 Words.

    Why You Should Care: I can’t quite believe that no one else has ever written something like this, now that I’ve read it. It’s a brilliant little character study on Fleur, but more than that it is a prose-disguised dissertation on women in general: what we think of each other, why we think it, and how our own cultural nurturing repeatedly pits female against female based on a scale of beauty and sexuality versus brains and brawn. That Fleur might indeed embody both sides of this oft Us Or Them battle field seems at best a Mary Sue in the making and at worst a grand cock-up of nature. But women such as Fleur do exist and have existed throughout time without suffering from flat personalities; something about our female culture has turned us against such women instead of permitting us to rally around them, and the idea is neatly and artfully explored. The secondary character of Luna is created with equal parts care and canon-accuracy, and the way these two foils bounce off each other is quite clever. A must-read for all you young (or old) feminists at heart, and a reminder for all of us girls that we too often pick our enemies based on stereotype in place of reason.

    Why You Might Not Care: This is, at core, a bit of a feminist attack of women’s stereotypes, but it’s also a neat little story about Fleur and several people in or around her life. It’s interesting, but some people might not get (or like) the theme that has been carefully woven in through brilliantly executed canon characters (though this version of Tonks seems a little too hardcore for my tastes). Some people will really like this. Some people won’t. You probably won’t know until you give it a read, though.

    Awards: October 2007 Gold Star Award for Excellence in Harry Potter Fanfiction; 2008 Hourglass Award, Admins’ Choice — Gen (tied).

    Thanks To: Kali (who might actually be my doppelganger if such things do exist) for reccing me this fic.

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    October 11th, 2007


    Quiet by Te

    Summary: The house at Grimmauld Place is usually empty when he arrives these days, housing nothing more than its own carefully applied protective magics, and portraits shocked dumb with the fact that the Black name is no more. Oneshot, 2,549 Words.

    Why You Should Care: This is quite a fascinating — and I think largely accurate — character study on Remus just after OotP.  In places it almost verges in on stream-of-consciousness, though it never goes so far as to abandon format and sense.  At times his thoughts are colourful and vaguely poetic, while other moments are clearer and more analytically self-aware; the mix is revealing.  This piece is coated thinly with defeat, and with age.  Remus is weighty beyond his relatively young years, like something light and sweet spoiled by too long in the heat.

    Why You Might Not Care: Snape is almost entirely out of character, and his presence is forced and awkward.  I understand what Te was trying to do with the conversation at the end of this fic, but I think Moody or Tonks or even Dumbledore could have produced the same results without having to have sacrificed Snape at the alter of OOC.  This author has a very firm grip on Remus, but merely a passing understanding of Snape, and the last half of this story suffers for it.  Everything internal in this fic is excellent — everything external feels sadly contrived.

    posted by afterthree
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    October 9th, 2007

    Silent Night

    Silent Night by Xylodemon

    Summary: The rain won’t stop, and they haven’t seen Potter in seventeen days. Oneshot, 1,463 Words.

    Why You Should Care: A bleak picture of what might have happened, written prior to the release of Deathly Hallows, using McGonagall as a lens through which each moment is experienced. It is both angsty and not — I doubt if Minerva has ever been the sort of girl to allow emotional release, and Xylodemon expertly uses this chosen character to create delicious tension. The picture this fic paints is of the mundane, animalistic day-to-day desperation of surviving, like rats under the floorboards. The choices of what to say and what to leave unsaid have been made cleverly, and the language is disarmingly simple. Beautiful.

    Why You Might Not Care: This fic will leave you with a suggestion of tension and hopelessness: it is not a shiny happy story. But it is good, and it works its way into your head.

    posted by afterthree
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    October 8th, 2007

    One Bowl of Kisses

    One Bowl of Kisses by Victoria P

    Summary: Remus kisses him, a tender thing, all soft breath and chapped lips. Oneshot, 1,134 words.

    Why You Should Care: It’s adorable! It’s Remus/Sirius and it’s fluffy with a little bit of angst and it’s so damned cute! I just want to gather this fic up in my arms and hug it, because it’s so damned lovely. The style’s nice too: Victoria P uses lots of different little twists of literary devices so that each mini-section feels fresh and individual, and yet it’s wonderfully cohesive. Ah. It’s just so wonderful.

    Why You Might Not Care: Look away now if you don’t like slash. This is a bit of Remus/Sirius slash and if you don’t like it then there’s really nothing here for you at all. But if you can bear slash, this fic is perfection.

    posted by winglessflight
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    October 7th, 2007


    Afterwards by Pyreneeees

    Summary: Life doesn’t end after the war. Drabble Collection, 1,670 Words.

    Why You Should Care: Six people, all affected or unaffected by the war in different ways, living their lives. Because after a war has been waged and lost and won, that’s one thing every survivor has in common: moving forward. These are snapshots of lives and half-lives of the ordinary people, not the heroes. Sensitive and honest.

    Why You Might Not Care: This is one of those short little pieces that seems almost pointless at first because it’s tied together with a very thin thread. And, just maybe, that’s the point.

    posted by afterthree
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    October 5th, 2007

    A Drift of Azaleas

    A Drift of Azaleas by FernWithy

    Summary: When Sirius returns to Grimmauld Place for the first time since leaving home, he comes face to face with the mistress of the house. Oneshot, 2,803 Words.

    Why You Should Care: It would be nice and easy to think that Sirius always hated his family, and that he continues to hate them single-mindedly to the end of his days, but the truth of all family politics is infinitely more complicated than that, and sons inevitably (and unwillingly) seek their mother’s approval.  The bond between a mother and a son — no matter how disparaging — is made of something more instinctual than hate.  This is a story of a mother waiting for her child to come home to her, and the duties of a son that even being disowned doesn’t excuse.  As with anything written by FernWithy, it’s done with precision and care.

    Why You Might Not Care: Again, this is one of those thematically universal fics by an established, well-rounded, popular Harry Potter fanfic writer.  What’s not to like?

    posted by afterthree
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    October 3rd, 2007

    Behind Closed, Locked and Soundproofed Doors

    Behind Closed, Locked and Soundproofed Doors by Anguis

    Summary: “Arthur Weasley was rarely seen kissing his wife.” Not all romances are conducted in front of the camera. Drabble, 528 Words.

    Why You Should Care: This is the perfect little Arthur/Molly fic. It’s sweet, and gives me hope that even years of marriage and oodles of children are not enough to dull passion with just the right person. The language is eloquent yet precise, and every once in a while I just go back and read this fic over again a couple of times because it makes me smile and sigh.

    Why You Might Not Care: I can’t think of a convincing reason, because this is one of those short little ficlets that I’d like to handwrite out in a notebook and carry around with me to show people.

    posted by afterthree
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    October 2nd, 2007

    Within These Walls

    Within These Walls by Sionann

    Summary: A series of twenty drabbles about the members of the Hogwarts faculty. Drabble Collection, 2,000 Words.

    Why You Should Care: I have a soft spot for these kinds of drabbles: the ones that are truly just snippets of nothing, are moments that seem to have been merely plucked from the air, and yet they each say something incredibly unique. This particular collection forces us to consider characters we rarely do: Sinistra, Hooch, Vector. The characters so often used to flesh out other stories are pushed into the limelight, but with subtlety and grace.

    Why You Might Not Care: They’re not universally great. Some are ungainly, even pointless. But they are few: there are probably only two that I wouldn’t rate as highly. The concept of this fic, and the almost casual style used give it a very engaging feel: sometimes, unfortunately, to the point of triviality. But I think most people would really enjoy these: they’re something very different.

    posted by winglessflight
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    October 1st, 2007

    For Luck, For Laughs, For the Unknown

    For Luck, For Laughs, For the Unknown by ThistleRose

    Summary: If she tried, she might be able to keep him here just a little longer. Hands were more convincing than words, sometimes, and a tongue– Oneshot, 1,130 Words.

    Why You Should Care: I love the idea that Andromeda knew Ted was leaving, that he didn’t just slip away in the dead of the night leaving a note on the pillow or not come home one day from work. I feel as though that’s how it would have happened, because I’m certain Ted respects his wife enough that he wouldn’t have abandoned her and that Andromeda would understand that it would be his best chance at making it through the war. This piece is the moment they break away, and the difficulties of trying to be mature and do the right thing when all you really want is just one more minute.

    Why You Might Not Care: This has been rated NC17, and while I can see why I’m not sure it goes on long enough to entirely deserve this ranking. It’s brief but definitely there. Perhaps not quite work-safe, but it’s not the focus of the story and shouldn’t be the determining factor of whether or not you choose to read it.

    posted by afterthree
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