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    July 2nd, 2008


    Untitled by Fernwithy

    Summary: By now we’ve all got a pretty good understanding of the dynamics between the Marauders, but what about the Marauders’ mothers? Drabble, 668 Words.

    Why You Should Care: Quite possibly because I’m a little bit in love with this particular characterisation of Dorea Potter, who seems to cheerfully fill the role of James Potter’s mother with style and a bag-load of zingers her son would be proud of.  It’s also delightful to see Fernwithy remember that, even though Dorea ultimately chose to be a Potter, she’s also a Black, and she shows it.  (The rest of the ladies are well characterised, too.)

    Why You Might Not Care: The problem with doing this well is that now it’s too short!  I wanted more Dorea, but I suppose I’ll have to make due with what I’m given.

    posted by afterthree

    2 Responses to “Untitled”

    1. abok1972 Says:
      July 3rd, 2008 at 1:29 pm

      How much did I love this? I’m still smiling, sitting here writing about it. Thanks for a great rec!

    3. Rosa Lui Says:
      December 1st, 2008 at 9:55 pm

      D: Oh noes!!! No updates after almost half a year?! Are you doing okay there, dahling???