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    May 5th, 2008

    A Small Change

    Due to “real life” challenges, I’m making a small change to the reccing schedule at C&C.  Effective today, recs will no longer be made on Saturdays or Sundays in hopes of accommodating the increasingly hectic weekend lifestyle I have been plunged into.  I’d also like to continue reccing fics in the forseeable future, and while my staff is MIA I think it’s only prudent to give myself a fighting change and take a couple of guilt-free days off.

    As ever, I encourage everyone to send in Guest Recs.  Not only will it help diversify the fiction here, but it also helps me out when my stockpile of reccable fics starts to get low, especially right now while I’m up to my eyeballs reading and judging Hourglass Nominees, many of which have already been rec’d here.

    posted by afterthree

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