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    December 5th, 2007

    C&C Looking For Guest Reccers!

    Are you interested in reccing a fic on Coffee and Chocolate but don’t have the time to commit to being a full-time reccer? Is there something you’ve read recently (or even not-so-recently) that you’d like to share with the Coffee and Chocolate audience? Would you like to try your hand at writing in the Why You Should Care / Why You Might Not Care fic review format? Just want to see your name up there in big bold letters?

    Coffee and Chocolate is now open to accepting Guest Recs. Next time you send me a fic rec, send it along to afterthree@coffee-and-chocolate.com in the C&C format and — provided the fic rec is appropriate — I’ll use your review when I post it and give you the credit.

    Strictly speaking, there is no specific word count requirements for the recs, but between 100 and 300 words is a good ballpark. The summary can be the one attached to the fic in whatever archive it’s located in, but if the author hasn’t provided one you’ll have to come up with one on your own. In this case, I usually like to grab a quote from somewhere in the fic that’s particularly interesting or revealing and that I think might make someone go: “hmmm… that’s interesting, I wonder what that’s about?”

    When you’re writing the review, think about what the fic’s greatest strengths and weakness are and don’t be afraid to be candid about them. Why did you like this fic so much? What did the author do well? What parts didn’t work? Also keep in mind people’s personal tastes: sometimes, it’s not the quality but the content that might turn people off. Like with anything, what one person likes isn’t always what floats another person’s boat.

    And for those of you who’d just like to send in suggested recs without writing the Why and the Why Not, I’m still always happy to take suggestions in any format, though I like to get a sentence or so with the link so I know what I’m getting into. During this holiday season especially when I have less time to spend reading, my rec backlog is starting to look a little slim. Give a girl a helping hand this Christmas and jot down the good stuff you read and send it over. Share the good-fic: think of it as a Christmas Gift to all those other like-minded Harry Potter fanfiction readers out there.

    I would also like to issue a bit of a rec challenge: I’d like to feature a Christmas Harry Potter Fanfiction on Christmas day, and it seems I am sadly lacking in appropriate recs. If you know of any fantastic holiday themed Harry Potter fanfic, please let me know!

    In other news, Coffee and Chocolate recently won a rec of it’s own: the genfic and rare pair Livejournal recletter The Quibbler Report rec’d this site on November 22. The Quibbler Report is a great little daily recletter run by a group of lively and dedicated Harry Potter fans with a diverse taste in fic and art with over 1,000 watchers. Thanks, Quibbler! Linkbacks to C&C are always appreciated.

    Don’t forget all you Livejournal users that you can get your Coffee and Chocolate Rec-A-Day on your Livejournal Friend Feed or any other RSS Feed Reader.

    I also would like to apologize for not keeping up-to-date with the Gold Star Awards, and let everyone know I haven’t abandoned them– I have picked winners for September, October and November, and you can expect to see their extended feature reviews sometime in the next week.

    posted by afterthree

    2 Responses to “C&C Looking For Guest Reccers!”

    1. AML Says:
      December 5th, 2007 at 8:10 pm

      Congratulations on the site’s recognition! I log in daily and plan to continue. The story’s are wonderful but sometimes I just need to absorb the relaxing shades of brown, too. (No kidding!)

      Thanks for the recs!

    3. s smile Says:
      December 6th, 2007 at 11:31 pm

      Agreed. I would also like to congratulate you lot on the wonderful job. Indeed, your muted shades of brown are quite comforting, and I find myself wandering back to this site two or three times a day just to take a look around.

      You’ve provided great reads. Thanks.