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    November 6th, 2007


    Stamped by Altricial

    Summary: Why Percy Weasley does the things he does. Oneshot, 2,507 Words.

    Why You Should Care: Percy Weasley rather got the short straw in the novels – first he was arrogant, then a traitor and finally was granted what to me seemed like a rather grudging reprieve. This fic goes right back to the time of the Weasley childhoods and shows, very plainly and innocently, what went on behinds the scenes: what configured Percy like that, and you end up with this overwhelming rush of sympathy for him. Great novels have been made out of a child’s viewpoint and this fic is in the same vein – it’s naively, even childishly written and yet it tugs unexpectedly at the heartstrings of the reader. Sweetly written and cleverly constructed.

    Why You Might Not Care: Be forewarned! This fic calls Ginny ‘Virginia’, a canon error that makes my blood boil, and sometimes it needs to delve even deeper than it does: although Percy is beautifully depicted, the author has a tendency to fall back to stereotype for the other Weasleys. Even so, Altricial clearly has an eye for characterisation and this sort of skill is a rarity. A real gem.

    posted by winglessflight

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