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    November 3rd, 2007


    Consequences by Inell

    Summary: For every choice, there are always consequences. Oneshot, 1,215 Words.

    Why You Should Care: I always thought Hermione erasing her parents’ memories and sending them off to Australia was both an act of courage and cowardice on Hermione’s part, and that it was such a terribly cold thing to do, yet somehow so very Hermione.  It came off in the books as a thing in passing, an easy way to get the Grangers out of the way of the rest of the plot, as if they were as inconvenient as the Firebolt that fell away in the first chapters because it would have been too cumbersome to keep track of.  Yet this bypassed act is so telling; whether it tells of the terrible situation or Hermione’s character is up for some debate, and Inell forces us to linger on it.  The power of choice and how it shapes people has always been such a central theme in the books, and this is a harsh coda for Hermione.

    Why You Might Not Care: Again, I can’t think of one.  Some seemingly good deeds are not necessarily so, and we all know where a road paved with good intentions leads.  This might linger with you.

    posted by afterthree

    2 Responses to “Consequences”

    1. Kali Says:
      November 4th, 2007 at 1:38 pm

      Oh, I liked this a lot. I never thought of it that way — I thought of it as sad, certainly, but never as wrong, and it’s an interesting perspective that I seemed to miss out on. This fic was very well-written and insightful. Good rec. =)

    3. Merle Says:
      November 7th, 2007 at 2:48 pm

      Excellent. I have to agree on everything Kali said.