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    October 25th, 2007

    And This, My Lovely Child, Is Your Garden

    And This, My Lovely Child, Is Your Garden by Honey Wheeler

    Summary: Bill and Fleur and the evolution of a family. Oneshot, 2,400 Words.

    Why You Should Care: There is something so marvelously soft and real about this fic — nothing is exaggerated, but nothing is under-whelming either. Fleur, for all her veela mystic, is as much a normal woman, wife and mother as anyone else, and what permeates this fic more than anything is an expanding feeling of peace and love surrounding a growing family. Touched with equal parts trepidation and joy, something about the language of this fic delights me though I’m not sure exactly why. There is a moment of reflection about George that made me sigh and say ‘yes, that’s exactly right’.

    Why You Might Not Care: I’m not sure how crazy you are about Fleur. I mean, I’m not. I don’t dislike her per se, but she’s not up at the top of my list. Yet I think the idea of Fleur fascinates me more than anything, and something about the delicate, aristocratic, superficial-seeming Fleur coupled with the earthen, hands-on, down-on-their-luck Weasleys makes for a usually delightful read.

    posted by afterthree

    One Response to “And This, My Lovely Child, Is Your Garden”

    1. Kali Says:
      October 26th, 2007 at 4:23 pm

      I liked this a lot, particularly the bit with George (oh I love you, George). I like Fleur, a lot. Represent, Fleur.

      I checked out some of her other stuff and it seemed good, too, hurrah! It is nice to find good new authors.