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    October 2nd, 2007

    Within These Walls

    Within These Walls by Sionann

    Summary: A series of twenty drabbles about the members of the Hogwarts faculty. Drabble Collection, 2,000 Words.

    Why You Should Care: I have a soft spot for these kinds of drabbles: the ones that are truly just snippets of nothing, are moments that seem to have been merely plucked from the air, and yet they each say something incredibly unique. This particular collection forces us to consider characters we rarely do: Sinistra, Hooch, Vector. The characters so often used to flesh out other stories are pushed into the limelight, but with subtlety and grace.

    Why You Might Not Care: They’re not universally great. Some are ungainly, even pointless. But they are few: there are probably only two that I wouldn’t rate as highly. The concept of this fic, and the almost casual style used give it a very engaging feel: sometimes, unfortunately, to the point of triviality. But I think most people would really enjoy these: they’re something very different.

    posted by winglessflight

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