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    August 8th, 2007


    Disenchanted by Arabella

    Summary: Dumbledore speaks to Ginny about her experience with Tom Riddle.  Oneshot, 3,472 Words.

    Why You Should Care: This is a missing scene from Chamber of Secrets, and Arabella does an excellent job of wrapping up all Ginny’s loose ends without really wrapping them up at all, because she knows (and Dumbledore even says) that healing of that sort can only be done alone, and over time.  Yet this provides some closure, and some insight into Ginny’s experiences over the course of her first year that we were not allowed through Harry’s POV in the books.  We are stuck at how young Ginny is to have experienced this, and at the same time how much older she is because of it.  Ginny’s childhood ended in her first year, and we are allowed glimpses of how it came about, and are impressed by her courage, will, and determination to heal the hard way.

    Why You Might Not Care: Dumbledore is very, very close to his canon counterpart, but some of his whimsy is conspicuously vacant, probably due to a concern that it would be inappropriate.  The trick to writing Dumbledore dead on is to find ways of making it not be inappropriate, but it is quite a trick to master indeed, and the Albus Dumbledore here is still very canon and very well-written.  This story was written prior to the release of Ginny’s full, canon name, so it is “Virgina” in here, but it’s a small and unimportant detail.

    posted by afterthree

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