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    August 5th, 2007

    Cold Water

    Cold Water by R.J. Anderson

    Summary: Remus Lupin’s private interview with an old schoolmate results in some painful but necessary soul-searching, and some surprising discoveries for both parties. Set after the events of OotP.  3,231 Words.

    Why You Should Care: Somehow, this manages to deal with several things all in one conversation between Remus and Snape.  The prank is highlighted, but what’s interesting to see at work here is the dynamic between these two people.  Remus is the ever-forgiving, ever-regretful, last-standing Marauder looking to ease his guilt, and Snape would have him believe he takes none of it.  The development of these two characters is surprising for a fiction so short, but the sense that they manage to at least come to some sort of vague understanding is potent.  The storytelling and writing itself is, as always with R.J. Anderson, well worth the price of admission.  It’s nice to see her slice into Remus, and it give us a fantastically caustic yet telling second perspective of Severus Snape.  Snape is apt and observant — somewhat to Remus’s surprise — and he appears in this story as a man who has found his strength and left aside old insecurities.

    Why You Might Not Care: This piece almost — but not quite — stands alone from R.J. Anderson’s Darkness and Light Trilogy.  There is a call-back, though slight, and someone not versed in her world will not quite understand the last section entirely, but the sentiment does make it through unscathed.  Snape is a sort of interesting fanon version of himself that is in some ways so close to canon as to be indistinguishable, but here and there are the hints of the Snape Anderson has created on JKR’s base in Darkness and Light.  I loved it, but recognize it’s a very tiny piece of a much larger puzzle.

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