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    June 12th, 2007

    De-Bugged and Ready To Roll!

    Well, I’ve tested this site on just about every browser I can get my hands on and it seems to be working pretty well. To be fair, I’m still not sure about Opera and Camino: anyone out there care to let me know if this site looks strange for you? But if you’re on any version of IE, Firefox or Safari, you should be seeing what you’re supposed to be seeing. Netscape… well, I haven’t a clue and the statistics I regularly see at my day job have convinced me not to care that much for the 0.1% of the population that still uses it on ten-year-old computers. They’re probably all like my grandfather anyway; old, and completely uninterested in reading fanfiction.

    I declare Coffee and Chocolate officially open for business. If you like this site and think others may like it too, please tell them. Link to me, even. My goal is to provide a broad spectrum of really good quality, mostly canon-friendly, and probably very general fiction recs because Lord knows there’s enough ship and slash rec sites out there. What about the rest of us? Those of us who would rather curl up with a nice, thoughtful character piece than a smutfic? Those of us to whom slash is not, generally, our cup of tea? Those of us who worship at the alter of all things canon? Those of us who just want a decent story that doesn’t read like it was written by an eleven-year-old?

    To be fair, I’m not limiting this site to “Canon Only” or some such nonsense. But you will find it’s probably slanted that way more often than not because these are the things I tend to read more often. I make no claim that I am unbiased.

    I find these things everywhere. The Harry Potter fandom is a wide and varied world, and I try to sample a little bit of everything. Is there a fic you absolutely love beyond all others? One you feel should be shared with the world? E-mail me and tell me about it and where to find it. If I fall in love with it too, up it will go. Let’s encourage quality writing by sending readers in their direction in floods. I honestly don’t give a damn what the subject matter is, so long as it’s good. That’s really the only prerequisite.

    In the meantime, I have a fairly long list of my own to get through. My goal here is to post one rec a day, for as long as I can find great things to post. At the bottom of each rec is a link to comment, such as for those who have read it and feel they have something to add. I don’t want to blindly send people to fanfiction with just a wink and a “trust me, this is a gooder”, I want them to be able to better find the stories that make them sigh. We are taught to make informed decisions about the things we chose, so lets inform some people.

    Thanks for coming, and enjoy the recs. I assure you, I enjoyed them all.

    posted by afterthree

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